Stay Out Of It

I have a good friend that I have known for a long time. She is going out with another ex-friend that I also knew very well. The only problem is that this ex-friend is not treating my close friend like I know he can. It’s frustrating to see this play out! One moment they are all good and the next he is ignoring her. Lately he has been distant with her, and she does not know why. The bad thing about this is that their relationship is not even that old, only a few months. If they are  having this kind of trouble off at the beginning, I do not see them together very long. I try to give her advice, but I want to do so much more. Why is he being such a jerk! A few times, I have  just want to contact this ex-friend and yell at him! I know he is capable of better things, I have seen better from him. However, I know this is not my problem, this is between them, and I should not intrude. It does not make it any easier to see my friend go through something like this. I hope he straightens up or he is going to lose something special.


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