Abandoned by One, Taken by Another

my adaption photo

Adoption Photo

I do not know much about my past except what I was told and what I have found. According to my mother, I was found by a police station and taken to the local orphanage. All the children in the orphanage inherited a surname that coincided with the orphanage; the name that I received was Ma Shen after the Ma’Anshan orphanage I resided in. I honestly recollected very little from my stay at the orphanage. My real memories do not start till I meet my adoptive mother and grandmother on June 16, 1996 in a hotel room. Originally on the itinerary, my mother and the other expecting parents planned to pick up their child at the orphanage. However, that changed do to a breach of information involving United States media and some other orphanage a few weeks prior to the expected adoption date. In the first encounter, I received my first ever gift: a cabbage patch kids doll and a new outfit. Out of all the children being adopted that day, I was the only child capable of walking without assistance.

The first person that I bonded to was not my mother, as she hoped it would be, but my grandmother. This would not become more evident than when my first night in my new home arrived. My mother, grandmother, and I traveled together for more than two weeks in a group. During those two weeks, my new family recognized that I had a bias to my grandmother. In order to try to resolve this issue that would become a problem in the future, my grandmother would leave my mother and I together. These futile attempts of bonding did not stop my tears when the time came for my grandmother’s departure.

I cried all the way to my new home. That night was a challenging and difficult night for my mother and me, but both of us got through it. After that night I slowly became acclimated to my new surroundings. Learning the English language presented no challenge for me as I easily picked it up in my first week. Once a week had passed, my mother and I visited my grandmother again. My mother would always need some guidance from her mother on how to raise me, but she steadily improved.


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