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This post will be a very informal post. It is more of a request than anything.

Recently, I have interned a new stage in my life. I just got engaged about a month and a half ago and am planning the wedding as we speak.

My fiancé, Adam, and I are trying to participate in a grooms cake decoration contest hosted by the Gateway Bridal Show on August 9th in order to be eligible to win a grand prize for our wedding for the following year. Our budget for our wedding is very small since my fiancé and I will be paying for all of the cost associated with the wedding, and to win this prize would give us the opportunity to add those small luxury additions to our wedding where we normally would not even be able to consider. In order to even be qualified to participate in the grooms cake decoration contest, we must be one of the top photos liked on their Facebook page by August 5th.

I need your help, please like Adam and my photo at this Facebook site(click here). If we are one of the top liked photos, then Adam will get to inter a cake contest, and then he could possibly win the grand prize for our wedding! Please help by liking our photo and sharing this post to let others know. Thank you.Adam Hill and Kelsee


Uncomfortable New Year

January 31 was the official date for the Chinese New Year as most of you may know. Normally I don’t celebrate any Chinese holidays or events. However this year, a friend of mine mentioned celebrating the Chinese New Year together, so we rallied a group of our friends together and headed out. What kind of adopted Chinese girl would I be if I did not have one traditional Chinese outfit in my closet? Since I was going to celebrate the Chinese New Year this year,  I decided to wear it. My grandmother convinced me to get it when we where shopping in an Asian themed store. It’s a high collar shimmery red color top with gold flowers imprinted all over the shirt. With black pants to complete the wardrobe, I reminded myself of a Chinese resident worker.

Red Outfit

Red Outfit

Surprisingly enough, I don’t really have any troubles wearing  the outfit among strangers. It is only when I encounter other Asians, especially Chinese folks, that I shy away from. It makes me feel strange when they look at me opposed to other glances. This notion came from when I was younger and has only grown more prominent as I get older. Whenever they ask if I am Chinese, I reply yes. Part of me is always afraid that they are going to assume that I can speak Chinese and then start talking to me in mandarin. To avoid this, I usually follow-up with, “I cannot speak it”. Whenever I look at their face, it almost never fails that I can see the disappointment in their eyes and their tone changes. In that moment, they realize that I am not one of them, but an outsider that merely tricked them. I get those feelings all the time when I am around other Chinese people regardless of what I am wearing. I don’t understand why, but it feels as if they are always judging me.

Of course it happened when my friends and I met up at a Chinese restaurant. I went through the day feeling fine and had no problems explaining to others why I dressed up the way I was. It was when I stepped through the doors and saw those familiar eyes that I recoiled. Out of all the waiters there, we got the Asian man. He asked me if I was Chinese and I gave him the usual speech, watched his all-too-familiar reaction, and was ready to leave. Despite how I felt, I couldn’t leave as I was there with friends, and I knew that I could power through the situation. I have endured it before, and I am sure to endure it again. Besides the uncomfortable feelings I had with the waiter, the night went well.

It is always nice to have friends around; they help you get through so much. Most of the time, they don’t even know it.

Frozen Fan

I am not much of a Disney movie watcher, but my grandmother likes children’s movies. She says other movies are too violent, which she is partly right. Recently I have watched a movie called Frozen. It has got to be one of my favor movies by Disney and has captured my attention! The only decent movie that has been released recently by Disney studio is Wreck-It Ralph, which only appeals to a certain audience. However, Walle is the last Disney and Pixar film that I felt such a strong affinity for. If you have not seen Frozen, then I strongly recommend you do so.


DVD and Blue-ray

Frozen is about two adolescent women, Anna and Elsa. In the movie the two characters discover who they are and the powers that lies within themselves. It has the standard witty story lines that Disney’s movies are known for, but it takes it to a more defined level. What I like about this movie is that it is simple enough for children to watch but intelligent enough for older audiences. Frozen leads you on, makes you comfortable with your ideas, and then twists them. Not only did the story plot enraptured me, but the music is really well done. Songs like Let it Go and Do You Want To Build a Snow Man are still in my head, I can not get enough of the music. With these good qualities in one movie, it is no wonder that Frozen received Best Animated Feature from the 2014 Golding Globes Awards [USATODAY]

I have read and watched some reviews on Frozen that suggest that Frozen is just a copy of Tangled. However, I think Tangled is completely different. It is true that they both have female protagonist that are discovering themselves, but Frozen encompasses a larger view point besides the stander prince charming, falling in love, and living happily ever after. Seeing Tangled for the first time, I noticed no real difference from what Disney has pumped out before. When Frozen came out and audiences discussed how Frozen was a copy of Tangled, I watched the movie for a second time. Maybe I missed something the first time I watched it. The only real similarities I could find was in the artistry, but that is due to the fact that the same people who worked on Frozen are also the same people who worked on Tangled. I did not find Tangled as captivating, even with the second viewing. There was only one seen (spoiler alter, don’t read the next line if you don’t want anything spoiled) that I liked. It involved the scene where the main character is trying to save the male hero from dying, but he cut her hair before she could. Some of the scenes were pretty, but besides that it did not keep my attention like Frozen did. Even though I do not have a sister, which Frozen focused on, I was still able to relate to the characters.

The total amount of viewings I have done for this movie alone accumulates to three times in the theaters, a new personal record for me. For Christmas, one of the gifts I received was a pre-ordered copy of Frozen in DVD and Blue-ray pack. You can imagine how elated I was. March 14, 2014 is the anticipated release date, and I can not wait.

Stay Out Of It

I have a good friend that I have known for a long time. She is going out with another ex-friend that I also knew very well. The only problem is that this ex-friend is not treating my close friend like I know he can. It’s frustrating to see this play out! One moment they are all good and the next he is ignoring her. Lately he has been distant with her, and she does not know why. The bad thing about this is that their relationship is not even that old, only a few months. If they are  having this kind of trouble off at the beginning, I do not see them together very long. I try to give her advice, but I want to do so much more. Why is he being such a jerk! A few times, I have  just want to contact this ex-friend and yell at him! I know he is capable of better things, I have seen better from him. However, I know this is not my problem, this is between them, and I should not intrude. It does not make it any easier to see my friend go through something like this. I hope he straightens up or he is going to lose something special.