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This post will be a very informal post. It is more of a request than anything.

Recently, I have interned a new stage in my life. I just got engaged about a month and a half ago and am planning the wedding as we speak.

My fiancé, Adam, and I are trying to participate in a grooms cake decoration contest hosted by the Gateway Bridal Show on August 9th in order to be eligible to win a grand prize for our wedding for the following year. Our budget for our wedding is very small since my fiancé and I will be paying for all of the cost associated with the wedding, and to win this prize would give us the opportunity to add those small luxury additions to our wedding where we normally would not even be able to consider. In order to even be qualified to participate in the grooms cake decoration contest, we must be one of the top photos liked on their Facebook page by August 5th.

I need your help, please like Adam and my photo at this Facebook site(click here). If we are one of the top liked photos, then Adam will get to inter a cake contest, and then he could possibly win the grand prize for our wedding! Please help by liking our photo and sharing this post to let others know. Thank you.Adam Hill and Kelsee